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Agent Based Working

A description of the modeling work carried out in the Criminal Justice System to support policy appraisal for the 2004 Spending Review.

Boyle S, Guerin S, Pratt J & Kunkle D (2003 Application of agent-based simulation to policy appraisal in the criminal justice system in England and Wales  in Proceedings of Agent 2003:  Challenges in Social Simulation Link to Redfish for download


Boyle S, Guerin S & Kunkle D (2006) Agent Based Working: An Application of Multi-Agent Simulation to Policy Appraisal in the Criminal Justice System in Computational Economics:  A Perspective from Computational Intelligence, Chen S-H,Jain L & Tai C-C Order from Idea Group Publishing 


An overview of approaches to modeling complex systems with an example of working with the Urgent Care system Boyle S & Pratt J (2004) Agent-based working: a device for systemic dialogue in Kernick D  Complexity and Healthcare Organisation Order from Radcliffe Publishing


A fuller version of the book chapter  Boyle S & Pratt J (2003) Agent Based Working: Devices for systemic dialogue, Paper presented at Lake Arrowhead
Download in Word 7.0 Format


This links the importance of research with the combination of modeling and development. Jessopp L and Boyle S (2001) ‘Developing whole-systems learning: a linked approach’, in Organisational Behaviour and organisational studies in health care: reflections on the future, Ashburner, L (ed.), New York Palgrave.

Describes the concept of Urgent Events, and the first model Boyle S, Harrison A, Tansley J and Bryan-Jones J (1998) Modelling Urgent Events, King’s Fund: London.

For further information about Agent Based Working see Consultancy

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