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Partnership: Fit for purpose

Partnership between organisation is hard to achieve. There is often a mismatch between our aspirations for partnership and the frustration of our experience in practice. This paper offers a way of thinking about the purpose of partnership; partnership behaviours which fit different purposes; and partnership behaviours which can lead to sustainable change and are not dependent on injections of external resources.

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Partnership: Fit for purpose (ISBN 1-85717-229-9)

This paper provides a brief summary of 'Partnership: fit for purpose?' and describes how we have used the ideas in workshop settings with public sector partnerships.  It contains a more intuitive image of the 4 types of partnership than in the original paper.

Gordon P, Plamping D & Pratt J (1999) Partnership: fit for purpose - testing a theory in practice in Schruijer S  Multi-organisational partnerships and co-operative strategy, Dutch University Press

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In this article we describe the practical issues to be addressed in partnership working. Plamping D, Gordon P & Pratt J (2000) Practical partnerships for health and local authorities. British Medical Journal 320 1723-5 link
Popay J & Williams G (1998) Partnership in health: beyond the rhetoric, Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 52, 410 - 411

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