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Whole System Events and Large Group Interventions - bibliography & links

Bunker B. B. & Alban B. T. (1997) Large Group Interventions - engaging the whole system for rapid change (San Francisco, Jossey-Bass). Provides an excellent introduction to Large Group Interventions and an overview of the best-known methods.
Cooperrider and Srivastva (1987) "Appreciative Inquiry into Organisational Life" in "Research in Organisational Change and Development", Passmore and Woodman (eds) Vol 1 JAI Press
Cooperrider D (1997) Appreciative Inquiry: A Constructive Approach to Organisation Development and Change , Case Western Reserve University.
Hammond S A (1996) 'The thin book of appreciative inquiry' A good place to start to find out about appreciative inquiry - available from Anne Radford (AnneLondon@aol.com) co-ordinates a network of UK practitioners of Appreciative Inquiry
Jacobs, R (1994) Real Time Strategic Change (San Francisco, Berrett-Koehler)
Mindell, A (1995) Sitting in the fire: Large Group Transformation using Conflict and Diversity (Portland, Lao Tse Press)
New Economics Foundation (1997) Participation Works. 21 techniques of community participation for the 21st century (London, NEF). A source book for ideas about participative methods
Owen, H (1995) Future Search : an action guide to finding common ground in organisations and communities (San Francisco, Berrett-Koehler)A clear account of the theory and practice of Future Search Conferences. More information at http://www.searchnet.org UK contact is Perry Walker at the New Economics Foundation (Visions@neweconomics.org)
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